Call To Action Panel

The tag Admin Show CTA panel:[page_slug] will show a specific page's content. i.e. the homepage has the tag Admin Show CTA panel:problem which shows the content of the page "problem".

The panel will have a red background by default:

You can change the background of the panel to blue by adding the Admin Blue Background tag to the call to action panel page in this example, to the page with the "problem" slug:

Adding buttons to page content

To add a branded and hyperlinked button to any of your pages, follow the steps below

  1. In your page settings, navigate to the content/intro section (e.g.

  2. Click the Source Code button in the content editor tool bar

  1. Scroll to the part of your content that you'd like to add your button to, and paste in the following line of code:

    1. <p><a class="btn btn-primary" href="[LINK]">[BUTTON_TEXT]</a></p>

Note that once you're done, the button will appear like any other hyperlink in the content editor, but it will appear as a button on the live page. Also note that the code above gives you a red button, in line with your theme's "primary" color. Replacing btn-primary with btn-secondary or btn-tertiary will give you different-coloured buttons.

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